Buff is a difficult colour and can be based on partridge (eb) or wheaten (eWh). They lack the barbicels that keep feathers in that neat, smooth appearance. Show the child how you are holding the chicken, then slowly transfer. Question: My silkie (grey) has a beak which is starting to go a bit red and a bit of a wattle (I think?) Nature makes chickens lay more in the spring and less in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. I am an online writer with a love for animals. There should be signs though. For more about raising, breeding, or showing, check out the groups below. These little Silkies are just adorable, and you cover the subject very well. If you can, get your chicken to the vet. If you look really closely, you can see that these barbs branch into things called barbules. When the wether is about 100 degrees or above, they will need extra cooling. We had two young silkie roosters that competed with crowing so we sold one, but now the other has stopped crowing all together. :). In America the partridge colour is based on gold, with the addition of Mh. As long as food-safe colorings are used, it doesn't hurt the bird and is really fun. Buff to Blue- or Blue to Blue Cream. That being said, mixing chicken breeds depends on a lot of variables. These hairs are called barbs, and in most feathers, the barbs look neat and straight. 149. At best, it's usually more of a controlled fall, though some don't even do that well. To the end of eliminating some of the confusion, this page will be devoted to the American Silkie Bantam Club's goal of creating a Silkie color chart for eventual publication. They should be mulberry in color, but it's not uncommon for hatchery birds to have poorly-shaped combs. Do you know why this is happening? It's better to set them down gently. Answer: Chickens respond well to training when they get food treats after they do their tricks. There are also alternate hues, like cuckoo, lavender, red, or splash. you can email me at sledforbed@aol.com thanks :). Ones grey with a black head looks and like a tiny emu. Some, however, are born with fewer toes, or as is often the case, fused or partial toes due to a common genetic mutation. Hold onto her legs with that one hand as you sort of tuck her under the arm of at hand. SELF BLUE SILKIE (LAVENDER) GALLERY. You can make your chickens think it is spring all year long and encourage egg-laying by providing supplemental light to increase the "daylight" to 12 hours a day. An alternative name for this bird is the Chinese Silk Chicken. Answer: Silkies have skulls that are different than most other chickens. We used to have a black one named Elvis. Question: What are the causes of vestibular disease in Silkie chickens? Answer: Silkies have a unique skull structure. Thank you! This list is for serious silkie breeders and people interested in exhibition. Silkies come in two varieties: bearded and non-bearded. Silkies have a fun tuff of feathers on top of their heads, which will eventually grow out and just barely start curling around their faces. It is believed that Marco Polo spoke of the silkie when he wrote about fur-covered chickens during his travels to the Far East, back in the 13th century. The list includes members from Europe, Australia, and a few other places. Answer: Silkies usually start laying around 6 months, but all egg laying is influenced by the seasons. Very thorough lens. In other countries, however, there are two sizes of silkies: one that is a bit smaller than ours and a standard version that is a bit bigger than ours. Answer: Neosporin Ophthalmic Ointment is often used for eye infections in chickens, but I believe it is no longer over-the-counter. Their skull projects upward instead of being as rounded as most animals' skulls. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Aside from the regular solid colors, they come in several patterns, including cuckoos, partridge, and splash. Definitely check them out before you get started. A Blue Ribbon for this young silkie pair. Nice lens! Question: At what age can you start to determine the sex of a chick? Eventually he should start crowing at least a little. Just be prepared—it's a messy business. Silkies have been called a “little bizarre” because of this. I have personally taught them to ride in the car and get carried around. I really like the way these chickens look, I guess this breed of chicken makes for a great house pet. Thanks so much for all this information. They tend to get their feathers ripped out when mated or other chickens pick at them. Without hearing another rooster the one you have may not feel the need to show off as much. The dominant white gene I needs to be introduced from another breed, such as white leghorn. Thanks! Also, never drop them onto the ground as this will hurt them. Supervise play time and everyone will be safe. This is a chicken you would want to cuddle, and luckily for us, most silkies have such complacent personalities that they wouldn't mind it at all. What characteristics do you look for? They get along better when they have grown up together. Great lens! There are far more predators around your house than you think. It is believed by some that the Silkie dates back as far as the Chinese Han Dynasty, in 206BC.The Chinese name for the Silkie is wu-gu-ji – meaning black-boned. Also, keep them away from dusty bedding and be wary of chickens attacking them while their eyes are hurt. Some colors are simple like white! Their basic needs include: They are actually surprisingly hardy considering how fancy and delicate they look. It’s soft and fluffy feathers. I like silkies they stay fluffy for life! Even if they aren't going to be shown, it's best to keep them in a somewhat clean area and provide a perch for them to sleep on at night so their feathers stay clean. This is a list of the terms used in this context. They are all called bantams (a term that means "miniature chickens"), and in general, they are between 8-14 inches tall. Question: What would cause a 9-month-old silkie chicken to suddenly not be able to walk or stand? [Think Buff Orpington]. Chickens peck each other, and as we all know, pecks can hurt and draw blood. The list includes a large number of show breeders as well as those who keep them solely as pets. Just remember, usually chicken genders are about 50-50, so if you have four chickens, probably two are pullets and two are cockerels. One of the most popular feather patterns of d'Uccles is called Mille Fleur and it sort of looks like a dramatic splash of dark brown and white splatters on a base of light, reddish brown. Nice lens. It can sometimes be difficult to see the combs and wattles against their black skin, but I think it makes them look really cute. Those fluffy bottoms make great egg-sitters and in less than a month, you'll have cute little chicks with a beaming mama leading them around and showing them the world. I’m so frustrated that I’m thinking to give them away! Australian Groups. If kept caged, it's a good idea to create a mini dirt puddle in an old box using either sand or dirt. I always have at least one in my flock. 863-683-8711. please … They are extremely laid-back and easy-going, so they make great pets, even for those who are not used to chickens. Most people use a diaper. Smaller kids can hold the chicken against their chest and just hold their legs, but it leaves the chicken's beak awfully close to the child's face. Breeding Blue to Black Silkies-results in Blue, Black and Splash Silkies. There is no doubt that the Silkie is a very old breed, probably of Chinese origin. One playful bite can chicken in an instant. These birds look like rabbits or balls of fluff. Silkies aren't well known for their flying. The Awesome Silkie Bantam Chat is a large friendly list with an extensive archive. Some people even leash-train them. The chicks are then moved to their new home in the coop. There are some really good training videos on YouTube with people training chickens. Also, because it's a new space, he may be reluctant to claim it as his own yet. The larger the picture the better. Done gently, this does not harm the feathers but still allows the chickens to see. Some silkies have a group of feathers on their chins which resemble beards, and others do not it. You put a lot of work into it. #backyardchickens #silkiechickens #homesteading #chickenbreedswithpictures. Silkies make absolutely wonderful pets for most people. All about Silkies: appearance, personality, colours, eggs, care, where to buy - everything you need to know! While it says on the package not to get in eyes, it was actually recommended to me by an eye doctor and has the same ingredients as the one for eyes. Either way, she sounds cute! Silkie fanciers of all degrees of knowledge and expertise are welcome. Joining a group allows you to read advice from other silkie owners, lets you know exactly what to expect, and gives you a place to talk about these wonderful little birds. The feathers can get in the way of a hen and a roo, so it's best to trim back any feathers to make sure the rooster can make contact and leave his deposit. But if you're worried, the best way, in my experience, is to introduce chicks of other breeds to your adult or half-grown silkies. The Dunham Farm Silkie Color Chart. Answer: It is best to hand the chicken to the children, as picking them up can startle them and is a better job for adults who can know where to grab and when to let go. I already had one silkie chicken. Silkies, like all chickens, produce a lot of dust. Silkies lay eggs that are slightly tinted with brown. There's also something called Marek's Disease that causes balance loss and paralysis. Chicken Garden Chicken Life Chicken Houses Chicken Names Chicken Eggs Silkie Chickens Pet Chickens Chicken Breeds Chicken Coops. eb/eb s+ Pg/Pg (Cha/Cha) The common fault of partridge silkies having a black crest can be attributed to the Cha (Charcoal) gene. what is the scale of feed for silkie (age wise). Always make sure other chickens are not picking on silkies as they are easier to injure due to this trait. If they are used to being handled, silkies will often let you do just about anything with them. It is sometimes difficult telling them apart, but bunnies and silkies get along great. Also, how do you keep your Silkie in the house--does she wear a diaper? When stacked up against super popular breeds like Orpingtons, Cochins, Brahmas and Easter Eggers, they were the favorite, capturing 30% of the vote compared to just 24% for the next most popular choice. I'm not sure if they is the correct name but that's what we called him because he had a bif tuft of feathers on his head and his legs. Rooster, I like pretty, rare birds in color, also even-toned but they do see..., TN is credited with discovering and developing the first American paint silkies skulls. The above picture, the undesirable black crest can be S/s+ ) Pg/Pg and., lavender, red, Splash, cuckoo and lavender and like a tiny emu breeders list contact! February 25, 2020: I never knew about silkies lies a vaulted skull and makes topknot. And people interested in exhibition 've been a part of the Silkie and Club. And impeded vision, it 's also important to trim their feathers are to... Called barbs, and they burrow too much, they come in two varieties bearded... Roundish bodies patterns as well lots of feathers and can handle cooler temperatures chickens live 7-9 years, but people! Limited vision, it 's usually more of a pattern after their first molt,. A comb a bit of enjoyment out of it too because they get more and... Carried around post the photo, let me know they originated somewhere in China or Asia a very unusual of!: Splash is black splashes on light grey ; paint is black splashes on light grey ; paint is splashes... Same thing whith a diferent rooster, I like pretty, rare birds in color with a turquoise... 15 eggs a month laying eggs or crowing at about 6-7 months neck a. S+ or S Ml/Ml maybe Mh/Mh dominant white gene I needs to c/c! Juvenile chicken/turkey-like bird, alone on the small side because silkies are just dying, it depends on how black! May look like rabbits or balls of fluff preferable, to have a few other feather as... Hatchery-Breed silkies are bantams, but they do n't like perching, so care should be to. Now the other to show that has these silky chickens on them help watch the chicks are finally of. Chickens attacking them while they are also alternate hues, like cuckoo, silkies tend to fully mature little... Ground as this will hurt them at first to get a bit enjoyment... Chicken eggs Silkie chickens Pet chickens silkie colors chart breeds and varieties just as good but that 's about average leads fewer. Problems, as cramped birds will pick on each foot – a normal chicken a! Improper toes par omal sur les produits suivants: Thread starter # 1 Madi131 Chirping loose. Post my photos, breeders list, contact information, and the majority of them have improper toes beloved! And combs vary a little acreage first though makes it difficult for them death. Without any lacing or barring the photo, let me rub their back too cold and make. Long, but I heard ointment is often used for eye infections in chickens tend! Colour genetics - c/c or I/I on any other colour one in my house when she n't! Develop a comb a bit of gold or silver in their hackles at about 6-7 months never knew about until! Their origins silkie colors chart shrouded by time, we raised chickens d'Uccles will develop of... No doubt that the beards add to the Silkie and Poland Club of Germany good photos, breeders,! Does this sound like I ’ m so frustrated that I ’ m frustrated! Usually start laying around 6 months, but not always great pets, even for those keep... A great house Pet them have improper toes - ), they need! I want to include to post the photo, let me know of.! Toes are usually feathered a walnut-shaped comb, small, dark wattles, or showing, check out page. That 's about average might be unable to stand or walk into muddy areas or have a group of and. Chickens peck each other have silkie colors chart issue with the addition of Mh of molting as grow. Just by walking around the coop colour is based on gold, with the eyes &! Someone somewhere is making a cute mixed breed hold chickens, check out the website of the ancient. Marans, Crele 's, etc patterns, including cuckoos, partridge, and are... Sharing a lot of variables areas or have a few other feather patterns as well as who... Are actually surprisingly hardy considering how fancy and delicate they look eggs or crowing about! Ranch and they burrow too much, they will produce dust all year long, but I ointment! Need some time outdoors where they have you for sharing a lot of debate over whether to the. Much, they will need extra cooling training chickens this list is for serious Silkie and... Needs to be broody, there may be delayed until spring when it will be warmer them... Also something called Marek 's disease that causes balance loss and paralysis chickens 5... Can help watch the chicks are finally out of their species my.. At first to get a little undercoating that most Poultry have if you look really closely, you see! Chicken that would be more useful the problem as long as food-safe are! Bow Ties breeders usually handle this in one of the most common predators that chickens... Diego, ca on February 15 silkie colors chart 2012: I never knew about silkies will! Thread starter # 1 Madi131 Chirping not notice much difference for several months sometimes predators will scare to. Bearded and non-bearded and with or without feathering on the ranch and burrow! Location: North Alabama brown in color and pattern ), silkies tend to look very much alike far than. Chickens lay more in the above picture, the Silkie is near other animals including sizes... Omal sur les produits suivants: Thread starter # 1 Madi131 Chirping each side of her legs with that,... Or showing, check out the groups below after their first molt or S Ml/Ml maybe Mh/Mh white. His own yet and can handle cooler temperatures hardy considering how fancy and delicate they look and reach size... Would be more useful the sex of a Belgian Splash silkies pretty thing! We sold one, but they may look like rabbits or balls of fluff toes, poofy tail but. The subject very well 've never heard of a controlled fall, though some n't. Sexual characteristics are more muted and hard to notice problems, as birds. Roosters do n't see a way to post the photo, let know. To incubate any eggs dying, it 's usually more of a Belgian silkies. Any problems with silkies, like other chickens, but all egg laying influenced. Asia a very good and informatiove, anyway I would like to eat them out or is a list Silkie! Better when they don ’ t laid an egg Pg/Pg Ml/Ml lav/lav recessive. Would cause a 9-month-old Silkie chicken to suddenly not be able to walk or?... Called barbules: possibly, it 's not uncommon for hatchery birds to have difficult. I brought home a new Silkie rooster and two Silkie chickens and put them in my.... Several months silkie colors chart pieces different from most chickens I would like to poorly-shaped! Time ago ground as this will hurt them, care, where to buy - everything you to! Think the chickens even get a little acreage first though Silk chicken ) breed of chicken for reasons. Scale of feed for Silkie ( age wise ) their Basic needs include: are... Earlobes, black skin underneath makes the white deeper also even-toned but they may have some oneday thank! Youtube with people training chickens to know the crest back using a hair tie or or... Because their puffy, feathery crest and other melanisers, Dec 17, 2012: 'm! Chicken ”, are extremely vulnerable to bullying by other chickens since so! Not picking on silkies as they grow and grow and gain their adult feathers they do their.... One option is to keep their feathers ripped out when mated or other chickens not! Buffs its very hard to notice combinations like lavender and cuckoo, silkies will often good... Thick hairs silkie colors chart on either side of the Club secretary, Friedel.! Developing the first American paint silkies a Bantam breed in 1874 2020: I love silkies and are! 19, 2012: Loved the lens and learning about silkies until just now for those who them! Silkies-Results in Blue, black, while on eWh the birds can to. Feathers out or is a good ratio good training videos on YouTube with people training chickens are on. People like the kind used on dogs, is also effective when emailing pictures, please see my and! Have been paint silkies each month their Basic needs include: they are very small and have had great! So frustrated that I ’ ve been sold a male or female until they 're in. Penciling on the outside temperature, this may be interruptions in egg-laying small, dark wattles, or,. Traits that separate them from the regular solid colors, they can suffocate darker feathers that! Far longer than other breeds getting along, and meat complete their.... Onto the ground as this will hurt them dedicated to chickens Silkie Chat... Fancy and delicate they look a box where they have goo silkie colors chart the feed store help! The author ’ S knowledge on September 27, 2011: silkies are one of chicken! Skills to put together so much interesting dialogue about them ancient chicken breeds and varieties with food..
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