Does that one poke people too? Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. $45.35 [TAKE] MINO RINGS SET. BoA got a lightstick this year!! SHINee’s Diamond light stick that the Pearl Aqua Blue color is one of the prettiest LT colors and feels like the sky and the sea connived to bring out such beautiful color (and I wish Jong remembered that the pearl aqua blue ocean cheered for him and loved him…sigh). #NCTzen, Can you please upgrade RedVelvet’s? imgtag = ''; } but I honestly don't really care too much about it but fans…. var summ = summary_noimg; It's hard to take your eyes off of this lightstick. -unbiased- Haha I’m a MooMoo and it’s ok actually we’re Radish so that’s why it looks similar to that. I like exo’s lightstick ( its look so simple), monstax’s lightstick because good color blend, seventeen it looks luxurious. EXO’s lightstick has cool features too but it looks plain if you’re not in a concert. "[13] I'm jealous. <- Click to buy (Discounted), Which Kpop band has the best light stick (in your opinion)? 2NE1’s lightstick is one of my favorite designs and color choices. TVXQ I like Astro’s light stick too but it’s not in the list too bad.. Get to know them and you won’t regret it. It took forever for Infinite to get theirs... [14] Ah, I wish our fandom would get a light stick too... [15] They really paid attention to every detail of this debut. I’m a buddy too so it’s kinda obvious. I’m just saying…. While I am Yelkies who just adores my own fandom lightstick, I can also appreciate the other fandom lightsticks that catch my eyes. BB’s as well. Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” era? Like sticks I really love without me thinking about if it belongs to my bias or not- sf9, samuel, Iu , cosmic girls, monsta x, twice, exo, oh my girl. Am I even making sense? I know right? This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. , @ghozydaneihsanabdullah:disqus It has been added! , @ohitslizzie:disqus while(strx.charAt(chop-1)!=' ' && strx.indexOf(' ',chop)!=-1) chop++; I mean i’m a full time army and I still think it’s cute but have yall seen Gfriend’s lighstick!!? They looks the nicest here tbh (imo!). It is a bird because Igot7 in Korean sounds like the korean word for baby bird (Ahgasae) so it is a bird, IU is a mic because she is one of the vocal queens, and SVT is just…..SO PRETTY. Have y’all even looked at Oh my girls lightstick. You can play baseball with that lighstick..ㅋㅋ, ahhhh! honestly , Monsta X ‘s is my fav, If you have time please update Apink’s new ver.2 lightstick *no offence*, Mamamoo’s Fans are called “MooMoo” which means “Radish” in korean, so it looks like a radish . B1A4 Poll: Which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020? I hoped when I saw this list, that I would saw it up there…, I didn’t know it represented those things, I know we are called birds and also about the fandom color but I didn’t know the lightstick represented it, looking it again it does look like it, From my POV exo,big bang and gg lightstick has their own signature. Sure it represents/ or ‘bonds’ you eith the idols, but its really not that ‘aesthetic’ you know? Each artist or group has their own unique lightsticks that their fans use. I’m sorry if I offend some people I just want to share how I feel. I also voted for Gfriend and WJSN. Anyway, I’m forever grateful for Teen Top FINALLY making a new lightstick cause ver 3 was so fkn blocky and ugly buT LIKE IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO FKN BUY THANKS TOP MEDIA. LOL, 21 is white. The black/white concept kinda remind me of like high end luxury brand. Article: [Exclusive] 'Gayo Daejun' GD-CL's hidden rapper... was BewhY Source: OSEN via Naver 1. Seems like we'll be getting another deadly light stick weapon. Celeb. Monsta X var summary = imgtag + '
' + removeHtmlTag(div.innerHTML,summ) + '
'; OOT look at the gifs above tho. it makes me crave to pineapple even more. function createSummaryAndThumb(pID){ They should have posted this pic… Everyone out here in comment section bashing about BTS winning the poll. In my opinion it is one of the best. monsta x is the best for me. that isnt the official SHINee lighstick, this one is, and when you shine it on a wall it makes a 5 pointed star <3, to the people in the comments saying “pls add this” its already said in the commenst that they cant add it cuz the page will get too big and just share it in the comments, I love Samuel,Gfriend,Got7,IU,SVT, and Blackpink’s lightstick. The pink hue the lightstick emits when switched on makes it more cute. Even from just one look ((the lightstick)) we could tell that the fandom are big. infinite’s looks so luxurious and like a royal person would own it cuz, well, its pearl metal gold and its so sparkly. $22.90. Bigflo: Wave / –. On December 19th, YG Entertainment's CEO Yang HyunSeok shared on his Instagram a screenshot of Melon Music real time chart with WINNER's new song 'MILLIONS' being the first. Should have include all of them in the glow in the dark phase so it’s not different to see the others who did. Same with seventeen’s lightstick. XD I LOVE THEIR LIGHT STICK XD, I just choose BlackPinks cuz I love it- I MENA YOU CAN HIT PEOPLE WITH IT XD YNHSSNSO, Is it just me or Mamamoo’s light stick kind of looks like a green onion? Iz*one lightstick please add. Currently having problems with Blogger template so I'll be reverting to a back-up theme in the mean time. And while SM doesn't take care of the fandoms well, YG does. May 2, 2019. by D. Kim. WINNER: Inner Circle An inner circle means a close group of friends, and that's exactly what WINNER are saying their fans are to them with this fandom name. I'm expected a lot of controversies for VIXX 4. My favourite is still the 10year aniversary version of Bigbang. [+76, -37] Big Byung's goods were the best. Portale Ingegneria: accedi alle voci di Wikipedia che trattano di ingegneria Super Junior’s light stick has changed. strx = s.join(""); By submitting this form, you agree to receive Email Marketing from Korean Craze. img_thumb_width = 150; Poll: Which is your favorite song in ASTRO’s GATEWAY album. chop : strx.length-2; { The Candy Bong really reminds of SNSD’s Kissing You and I don’t think it’s just a mere coincidence. It would be nice if it's light blue cause it stand out like BB's yellow lightstick and 2NE1's hot pink lightstick. (Special Event). But tbh i love bap’s lightstick because it is so rare sans cute. I just don’t understand, just because you don’t find army bomb that ‘pretty’ doesn’t mean that others have the same view as you. Love that design and colour. VIXX looks elegant, very royal with the Gold and the deep blue…and it looks like a star-splashed evening sky., lee hi Why so many people think that way? img_thumb_height = 150; summ = summary_img; , I like IU’s lightstick the most. Source: Instiz. TAKE, a captivating album that blesses your ears and eyes [TAKE] MINO OVERFIT SHIRTS. I don’t mean to offend anyone as well, but hey it’s true. , Cosmic girls’ is really beautiful it should be here, 2NE1 disbanded, but their lightstick is still the most beautiful one for me. My top 3 honest choices are Infinite, Cosmic girls and Gfriend. Seventeen’s lightstick is really good with the diamond in the center related to carats, Monsta X’s one is really cool too along with NCT and EXO’s lightsticks… But I guess my heart goes with Shinee’s. Kpop Polls Tbh I don't want it to be blue... what about white? It is sooo cute! It's for their yg family concert this weekend. APINK’s Pink Panda is adorable! , here i help you It took forever for Infinite to get theirs... "B..b..but, F(x) still doesn't have official fanclub name nor official lightstick nor first concert. I didn’t even pick my ult group (which is EXO/NCT) because tbh, it’s really bad, it doesn’t stick to you unlike Day6’s, Seventeen’s, Cosmic Girl’s, 2NE1’s, Gfriend’s and Oh My Girl’s light sticks. wanna buy it during my holiday this month. s[i] = s[i].substring(s[i].indexOf(">")+1,s[i].length); You’re saying ‘to be honest’, ‘in reality’ this or that one is the best, but you do realize that everyone has different tastes and what you think is the best can come like nothing special to others too? Detailed NCT U Line-Ups List (Members, Positions, Release Date and more! Does that one poke people too? as well as bigbang, 2ne1 and twice. Yang HyunSeok Instagram. the color also makes it look so shiny and if you look at it, you’ll know, “ah that’s bts/army’s light stick” it also shows the world map probably stating that their fans are all over the world no matter if it’s the other side of the planet or not. It’s part the concert experience. I want to see Seunghoon and Mino on variety shows. '. (Of course bts light stick has a place in my heart since they are my bias but I picked someone else for this poll ). I can use it as a flashloght some times hahahaha :(. N. Flying’s lightstick is certainly the best haha, how are ya’ll really saying BTS has the best lightstick lmao its the blandest one up there i love BTS but ya’ll are literally only voting for it BECAUSE its BTS, I am an Exo-L and an Army. Companies have really came up with unique designs these days but somehow, BigBang’s LT will always be the representative of light sticks for me and this is coming from an SM Stan. Monsta X lightstick is so beautiful that even the box that it comes with is beautiful too props to the designer , Mondoongi (Monsta X lightstick) and Caratbong (Seventeen lightstick) are practically married like their fandom. Kpop Group of the Week (3rd Week of December 2020). Kpop Facts 3. [+111, -13] Stop with color fights... Blue is not an official color of Winner and yet they got so much hate just because their lightstick was blue., actually seventeen has the best lightstick their lightstick won in one blog having a most beautiful light stick, vixx, monsta x and gfriend’s lightsticks are the best for me, Kyuhyun’s one voice tour snowflake lightstick is one of my faves, HOPE ONE DAY BLACKPINK’S LIGHT STICKS WILL BE THE BEST IN THE MARKET , Don’t even listen to UP10TION but that is a great idea for a light stick +10, For me,Monsta X’s lightstick aka mondoongie is the best cos it’s too beautiful to handle(pun intended).. you will definitely agree with me if you see it in real life.The thing i like the most abt this particular lightstick is the colourful lights. Kpop Lightsticks You can’t go to a kpop concert without a your favorite groups’ kpop lightstick. It looks best while it’s shining. } Twice’s lighstick is simply cute. I love Monsta X’s light stick the most! Gotta give it to K-Blinks. (unlike those test tube-like lightsticks), LMAO.There was a time when fans really throw lightsticks to YG. No pics on it with lights in the dark kinda disappointed me. For me my top 3 for the boy group lightsticks are: B1A4 (BANA lightstick so creative), SVT (CARAT BONG.. it is a goood representation on how your life will shine if you SLIP INTO THE DIAMOND LIFE), VIXX (I like the idea of their light stick).. For the girl group my TOP 3 are: F(x)- it looks so cool with the initials of the member, I also like the color of their light, TWICE- the lightstick is so cute^^, and RED VELVET- the light stick look so dope, I just wanted to share, SHINee does not have their official light sticks. Here are some of the most popular or the most interesting Kpop fandom light sticks (as of 2019). like it’s a masterpiece to me, GO BTS!!! I love vixx. , HFS I was full of mistakes;;; Tysm for catching them <333 xD, seventeen’s lighstick is honestly so b e a u t i f u l!! 9. I love all these light sticks but I’m just too broke to afford them. I loved them so bad, You’re right but I choose BlackPinks becouse- I WANNA HIT PEOPLE WITH IT OK?!, Nu’est lightstick Lol the pic for Sechskies, and some others lightstick was kinda bad. I just couldn’t help being biased when it comes to my bae’s. Kpop – Who wore it better? Iz*one lightstick please add. By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. It’s probably one of the most aesthetically beautiful lightstick out there. We can add battery set for one light stick (^_^), Honesty top10 in this order imo that are my favs in terms of overall appearance: VIXX, Monsta X, 2NE1, SVT, BAP, BTS, Big Bang, B1A4, APink, Twice, I really like BTS, EXO and seventeen lightstick, Red Velvet for the best. There are around 70 groups or solo K-Pop idol lightsticks along with actor Park BoGum's lightstick. also, Apink’s and Mamamoo’s lightstick catches my eyes as well.. ppl are so biased here lol i’m an army and yeah sure the army bomb is pretty, not gonna deny it but compared to some lightsticks here… idk i voted for the most original & beautiful ones in my opinion: vixx’s, mamamoo’s and apink’s bc that freaking panda is the cutest hahah, I agree I’m an army and I feel like monstax’s, mamamoo’s, etc lightsticks are a little more aesthetic pleasing, I picked my bae-bae’s it's like you know they actually put in effort with the design etc. Agreed, it’s kind of obvious that people voted based on the groups they like rather than which lightstick actually looks the best lol. And also don’t forget 2ne1, 4minute, ioi and wanna one even though they disband and will they also have lightstick, NCT.. our lightstick is simple and meaningful. Seventeen’s, Gfriend and Monsta X’s lightsticks are super pretty! Ever been confused by K-Pop lightstick names? Release Date : Dec - 20th - 2020 Please choose Plus Battery Option if you need battery. All Out (stylized in all caps) is the first extended play by virtual girl group K/DA.The EP was released on November 6, 2020, through Riot Games and Stone Music Entertainment. Song: GO UP By: WINNER Made by Orange Enjoy!? $75.89 [TAKE] MINO GLOVES. WINNER Official Lightsticks Top Selected Products and Reviews YG Entertainment Winner Official Light Stick VER.2 by YG "Overall Good but Reaction Mode is Poor" - by Dasha Gagon The glow is super bright and the design is sleek. BLACKPINK - OFFICIAL LIGHTSTICK VER. $25.92 [TAKE] MINO BROOCHES SET. Article: "Been awhile" Sandara Park x CL, close sisterly aegyo Source: Herald Pop via Naver 1. But they do have their “official concert light stick” or their “official fan meet light stick” (credits to all the owners), Get up to 50% off. Which is your favorite song in UP10TION’s The Moment of Illusion album? It looks like sailormoons light stick! so, who don’t you share it with us? The results are so biased, like thing about for a minute, does it really look appeasing to the eye or are you just voting for that just because it’s your ult group. SuJu’s new official light (not the one pictured here) stick feels like when you turn it on, you’re gonna call Super Man., actually many Kpop bands do the same and change their light sticks each year so fans would buy their new light sticks, it was interesting to see Shinee’s light sticks for different years/concerts *______*, For me my fave lightsticks are EXO (because its so simple I like it) , SNSD’s (thats the very first lightstick I’ve ever had) , SVT’s (the diamond is ) , SuJu’s (idk I liked it..) and RV’s (It looks so dope), for boy groups, seventeen, monsta x, shinee and vixx.. and for girl groups, gfriend and twice, and maybe apink(its cute). var img = div.getElementsByTagName("img");, Honestly, all of them ! Also, the fandom’s color is green and white. 4,248 Views. Contact Us. The wedding of Monbebes x Carats happened months ago. , Super Junior Can’t people like the Army Bomb? This debut's package seems very classy to me from the concept to their merchandise and light stick. The gg one I seems to like Red Velvet (the colour is pretty ) and Girls Generation (the design pretty much describe them: queen). SNSD’s ligh sticks vary but the more solid pink gem-like lightstick for a Japanese concert in 2015 was my fave. CherryBullet has a lightstick, Loona’s too, I think these five look the best!! GFriend, don’t forget golden child’s bowling lightstick that one is so funny, You forget to add myname, nuest w, samuel, victon, Most groups follow a simple formula: the group or fandom name combined with “bong”, short for “eungwonbong” (the Korean word for lightstick).Some group’s lightsticks, however, have unusual names you just can’t figure out at first glance—here are 8 you’ve probably always wondered about. Sorry for any inconvenience! Winner Lightstick Version 2 quantity. bts and blackpink are kind of… getting boring. Kpop Boy Group Profiles Il lightstick, noto anche come starlight, cyalume, glowstick, trekking light, fishing light o più semplicemente luce chimica, è un cilindro di silicone, o altro materiale plastico morbido, auto-luminescente di dimensioni variabili da pochi cm a più di 30 cm. Sitemap I really like seventeen’s lightstick,is beautiful. if they ever come to LA, I'm going & buying the stick. strx = strx.substring(0,chop-1); summary_img = 150; but it says that just some of the best lightsticks are displayed and we can share other bands lightstick in comments On May 3, the group launched a new version of their light stick, … for(var i=0;i